"It doesn't take the most powerful nations on Earth to create the next global conflict. Just the will...of a single man."

--Viktor Rastrenkov

Viktor I. Rastrenkov is the leader of the Ultranationalist guerilla, terrorist, and mercenary forces and one of the main antagonists of Silver the Hedgehog 2: Escalation and Silver the Hedgehog 3: Dark Stimulus.


Early Military/Terrorist CareerEdit

According to info in Silver the Hedgehog 2: Escalation, Viktor Rastrenkov graduated from military training and was promoted all the way to Lieutenant Colonel in the Russian army. After a failed invasion of Soleanna, Rastrenkov was tried and court martialed for disobeying orders and spoiling their tactics. Also, he was tried for "ethnic cleansing" during a rebellion in a local province. Ergo he was removed from the armed forces immediately.

After losing his military career, he continued to inspire hatred of his enemies, at some cases, the Russian government itself. Soon, he would come to the attention of the Ultranationalist leader, Sergei Vasilevich, who was leading a radical revolution at the time to overthrow the "tainted" Russia. Vasilevich first took notice of Rastrenkov after raiding a Russian military armory and allowed him a position on his Ultranationalist movement. It is said the Rastrenkov was "kept in check" by Vasilevich during their partnership. But later on, Vasilevich was killed by Silver and the Ultranationalist party weakened. Rastrenkov's resources and contacts within the criminal world allowed him to assume control of a large portion of the ailing party.

According to newspaper clippings founded

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