Akidra (Hydra): "Spetsnaz, huh? This might be a fair fight."

--Akidra challenging Spetsnaz operatives

The Spetsnaz are special operatives that are active in every branch of the Russian military. They are the major antagonistic faction in Silver the Hedgehog: Ascension, Silver the Hedgehog 2: Escalation, and Silver the Hedgehog 3: Dark Stimulus.

In-Game AppearancesEdit

Silver the Hedgehog: AscensionEdit

"You are the finest warriors Russia has to offer. The future of our great nation rests in your hands."

--Sergei Vasilevich briefing a team of Spetsnaz operatives

The Spetsnaz under Vasilevich's command are more like guerillas and elite mercenaries. They are not yet under direct military command. However, they are known for their hardcore bravery and their devotion to do what is neccessary to change Russia.

Silver the Hedgehog 2: EscalationEdit

The Spetsnaz are now more like a more organized military force dressed in their urban camouflage uniforms. They all play a major role into unleashing a global offensive, invading country after country. Spetsnaz operatives in the Arctic are also distinguishable in their heavy white uniforms. Spetsnaz are also trained to operate in every branch of the Russian military: the army, navy, air force, and marine force.

Silver the Hedgehog 3: Dark StimulusEdit

Spetsnaz operatives are not really different than in Silver the Hedgehog 2: Escalation. They are, however, more skilled and agile, and will even try to flank the player. The new skills of the Spetsnaz is also notable when they single-handedly defeated G.U.N. droids stationed near Moscow.


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