"You may be able to destroy me, but the beast will eventually come for you." --Viktor Rastrenkov

Silver the Hedgehog 3: Dark Stimulus
Developer(s) SEGA, Infinity Ward
Engine IW 4.0
Released TBA
Genre(s) Fantasy, Adventure, First-person shooter
Rated M-Mature (Blood and Gore, Violence, Intense Language)

Silver the Hedgehog 3: Dark Stimulus is the third installment of the Silver the Hedgehog video game series. The game is currently still being worked on, but the plot is already given out.

Single playerEdit

Main Article: Silver the Hedgehog 3: Dark Stimulus campaign

Silver the Hedgehog 3: Dark Stimulus takes place right after the ending of Silver the Hedgehog 2: Escalation.

Plot OverviewEdit

"Rastrenkov's reach is speading. This can only end one way."

-- Blaze the Cat

Flashback: Moscow, Russia, 800 years ago. The Emperor of Russia, Ivan the Overlord, has establshed his Empire to conquer all in war. Many foreign kings pit their armies against the might of Ivan's Russia, but were unsuccessful in the attempt to challenge his Empire. Then a special gathering of kings created a Grand Coalition of nations and now, as a united fighting force, went once more to challenge Ivan and his armies. Eventually, Ivan's army suffered their first and most crushing defeat in a flat plain 100 miles west of Moscow. More and more defeats followed for the distraught Emperor at the hands of the Coalition forces. Too disgusted to fight the war further, Ivan, humiliated, finally asked for peace. After the war, Ivan fell into a deep madness vowing for revenge to reestablish Russia as the dominant power. Years after his defeat, he began working on a project to create the world's first "modern weapon." Ivan's court scientists tried many times, but fail at every attempt. At last, after years of work, Ivan created Perfect Temnotoyu, the first cyborg supersoldier. But the Emperor was dying, and one of his last wishes is: "Do not use our new weapon yet. The time is not within our reach. After Ivan's death, his soldiers successfully kept the supersoldier out of reach. And so 800 years have passed, the fate of war is yet to be decided...

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