Iron Eagle
Previous Level
Next Level
Character Akidra
Place Airspace over Russian headqurters

Chase down the AC-130 gunship

Infiltrate the cockpit.

Retreive the ACS.

Enemies Ghost Platoon mercenaries
Console codename Iron Eagle

Akina: "Hydra, you hear that?"

Hydra: "Yeah. It's Petrovic all right."

--Akidra predicting Petrovic's presence in the cockpit

Iron Eagle is the level of Silver the Hedgehog 3: Dark Stimulus, during which the player controls Akidra to pursue an AC-130 gunship, which G.U.N. intel indicates that holds intellegence about the Temnotoyu project.


The player starts out as Akidra. The objective is to chase down and infiltrate an AC-130 gunship bound for Russia, and retrieve the ACS module in the cockpit. The approach will also be obstacled by Harrier aircraft, who are trying to take her down. However, she makes short work of the enemy aircraft, and made their way to the cockpit. Just as Akidra retrieved the ACS module, shw was ambushed by Petrovic, who was attempting to attack her with his Recon-1 knife.

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